I am a professional graphic designer, artist, and creative.

I will create your professional image,

from brand design to all marketing projects.




I have always had an international vision, I pay close attention to your needs: I help you to create the visual expression of what you do.

The sensitivity learned in the paths of personal evolution led me to approach with a holistic vision also in the graphic field.

I love to find and give the right visual expression in line with the brand and the defined mission, paper and digital, integrating the creative path with holistic knowledge.


Holistic Media Guide

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Canva - Gold Metallic Dot.png
Canva - Gold Metallic Dot.png

... it''s  always  a  question  of  harmony,

     in  what  our  look  perceives  as  beautiful

        and  in  what  our soul  research  as  well-being.

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How can I help you?

To create all your visual identity, bring clarity, and make all your communication unique and well defined.

• Are you defining your

   business project?

• Do you feel that your

   image no longer

   reflects you?

• Do you want to redefine

   your visual identity to
   be more in line with
   your business?

All the essentials to have a professional visual presence;
customizable to meet your style, ready in a short time.

• Are you a professional

   who is starting

   his own business?


• Do you want a Social

   Media presence that's

   in-style with your brand?

• Do you love to have the
   right custom template
   to personalize your post
   with Canva?

Art to make your space unique, to elevate the spirit.
Some works are digitized here, for a direct download.

• Do you want to customize

   your regeneration space?


• Do you have a

   wellness center and want

   my art to embellish

   your interior?

• Do you want a custom

   work of art?

• Do you want to buy the

   original version

   of my paintings?

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For any other request, you can contact me to have a 30" free discovery call

and go to my graphic service page to see all my designer services.

We bring our services and products

to others essentially for the passion that moves us to share something

that ignites our soul.

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