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• Artist
• Graphic Designer
• Creative Mind
• Holistic Passionate

Abstract Evolutive Paintings
Distinctive Brand Design
Visual Forge to Your Ideas
Wellbeing A

I am an artist, creative and graphic designer born with a passion for Klimt and holistic disciplines.

I've been always passionate about art, I am a Fashion Designer and I've attended the Fine Art Academy surrounded by the dreamy and beautiful Venice.

I've worked (a looooott!) of years as a fashion graphic designer and product assistant for some Italian brand, which blessed my skills with a very creative and appealing taste.

When I started to gain interest in all the digital and social media world I fell in love with the extraordinary opportunity to reach and work with clients all around the world, I've worked with professionals in the USA, India, Japan  and Australia.
I want to help everyone to have the same opportunity

to step into this new worldwide connection.

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Soulgate dipinto +me portr_edited.jpg

I have always nurtured my passion for holistic disciplines with shamanic and ancient feminine courses, and a Holistic Academy which let me become a certified Holistic Practitioner with a specialization in energetic rebalancing.

Meditation and Mindfulness have changed my life and I love to give all my clients the possibility to learn and integrate also holistic resources to better balance and grow their business, in harmony with themselves.

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