I've worked (a looooott!) of years as a fashion graphic designer and product assistant for some Italian brand, which blessed my skills with a very creative and appealing taste.

When I started to gain interest in all the digital and social media world I fell in love with the extraordinary opportunity to reach and work with clients all around the world, I've worked with professionals in Australia, India, and Japan. I want to help everyone to have the same opportunity to step into this new worldwide connection.

I have always nurtured my passion for holistic disciplines with shamanic and ancient feminine courses, and a Holistic Academy which let me become a certified Holistic Practitioner with a specialization in energetic rebalancing.

Meditation and Mindfulness have changed my life and I love to give all my clients the possibility to learn and integrate also holistic resources to better balance and grow their business,

in harmony with themselves.

Hey there!

I'm Patrizia Netto

I am an artist, creative and graphic designer born with a passion for Klimt and holistic disciplines.

I've been always passionate about art, I am a Fashion Designer and I've attended the Fine Art Academy surrounded by the dreamy and beautiful Venice.

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I  bring to vision your idea

Holistic Media Guide

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Daily rituals for your wellbeing

My goal with Wellbeing Attitude is to spread a simple and "down to earth" holistic well-being, through energy rebalancing treatments and creating small gestures that can become wellness rituals that everyone can draw on.

You can find more about this project on the website.