Because I believe that every sign communicates, a graphic, any sort of visual design, it's the transmutation of our energy made visible.

This applies perfectly also to any business and brand. With your visuals, you are expressing what is within.

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I will help you to find the best

visual expression of your message

I'm part of that generation transitioned from "pen and paper" into digital, well, it's around 20 years that I use both, but let's don't count the moons! I'm above grateful to been born in Italy and to have had the opportunity to studied art in Venice. I've then grown professionally working in the fashion industries, another superlative Italian expression. Gradually I took another step and became a freelance to serve with the same enthusiasm, love for elegance, and playful colors.

I live in Italy, but virtuality has no distance limits!

Drop an e-mail if you've got a project that you'd love to develop with me


My signature program:

Holistic Brand Design

with mindfulness-based routine and meditations

I help entrepreneurs and professionals to create an aligned brand in resonance with their inner voice,
soul and brand mission.

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Other Graphic Services we can work on:


- Logo design

- Visual Identity

- Social Media Design

- Business Card

- Website Design (only the design)

- WIX website (design and creating it)

- Depliant

- Flyer

- Booklet

- Cover Design

- Digital Art and ad-hoc graphics

- Apparel graphics


- 1-Hour Hands-On Screenshare Coaching Call


....thinking of something else?    Contact me.

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