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Logo Design

Your logo it's your sign in the world

It is important that the Logo identifies you, that it reflects the characteristics of your business and yours.
Behind a Logo there is a complex process in which, in addition to ideas, concepts, missions, passions and aims take shape and evolve.
Halfway between expressing yourself and your business and meeting your ideal customer.


Brand Design

I guide you to understand and

define the appearance of your Brand.

The Brand is what remains impressed on others about you and your business, how they identify and remember you.

I help you define your Brand's mission and ideal customer, creating an image that extends far beyond the logo.


Apparel Design

...from an experienced

              Italian Apparel Designer

I have worked for more than 15 years as an Apparel Graphic Designer for various Italian Fashion Brands.
The personalization of clothing with prints, embroidery and applications is a passion that always remains alive.

Printed Collateral

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Your aim and my creativity on it...

I design all the printed material that can be used to promote your business, if necessary, I also follow you as an intermediary with your trusted supplier in the realization.

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Social Media Presence

How to make your visual communication simple and aligned

Is what you communicate aligned with your goals and with what you want to convey?
Does your virtual ambient reflect you and your business?
These are fundamental analyzes to do when you communicate through virtual places that are public and open to the world.

Cover Design

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for Books and Music Album

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Digital Art

Meaningful, dreamy, meditative.

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Digitalized Painting

Meditation Art that you can buy, download and use.

Part of my art are some paintings that I create and digitalize in various formats, you can buy the format that suits you best: from digital use to the original unique artwork.

I'm Patrizia, I have always loved art, nature and holistic disciplines. I formed as fashion designer and studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, spent many years working as graphic designer in the Italian fashion industries. I LOVE art, design and fashion; and I also love Mindfulness, essential oils, and crystals. I've got a creative mind and I merge all this resources to give a visible form at the passion inside.


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