Holistic Brand Design

with a personalized mindfulness-based routine

Becoming a holistic therapist made me much driven to a whole new approach when helping others to find the right expression for their ideas and to give it a client-focused vision. I have learned how important it's the meaning behind our communication
and how we communicate.


This is beyond significant when working to help and serve others,

that's why I'm especially in resonance with who works

in wellness and holistic driven business.


What's different?

We will use meditation to gain clarity on some crucial decisional process, I will guide you and we will see how your inner self imagines the best version of your brand, we will gain clarity on your goal and mission.

I will create a mindfulness-based daily routine to keep you focused, release tension, and nurture your energy balance.

What you'll have?
A brand that resonates with your inner mission.
Clarity on the communication to use.
You will have a complete visual identity,

that means also templates for posts and stories for IG and FB!
Weekly hours of 1-to-1 coaching session to go through any doubt.
The knowledge to use the essential app and software

to keep your brand image always cohesive and aligned.

A graphic to make your working apparel unique!
Holistic resources tailor-made just for your need and goals!

Let's see the process in detail

Step by step, what we'll do...

               ...and what you'll have!

  • 2h Video calls session with a workbook to define your ideal client, we will go through your business and all your web and social presence.

  • 1h of guided meditation to bring clarity on your visual identity

  • Creation of your Moodboard with keywords

  • Creation of your unique color palette with HEX reference

  • 2 free to use fonts

  • Definition of your primary Logo

  • Alternative, Typo and Icon Logos (format: jpeg, png, eps)

  • n° 2 Cover for Facebook (Page and Group)

  • n° 20 personalized CANVA templates for Instagram posts

  • n° 6 personalized CANVA templates for Instagram stories

  • n° 6 personalized CANVA Icons for IG-stories Highlights

  • Business Card

  • Letterhead

  • Personalized graphic for your apparel or goods of your choice

  • 3 x 1.5h of Online training Workshop
    to have the knowledge for the use of:

         - Linktree (to link more in your IG bio!)
         - Canva (to upgrade your posts)

  • Personalized Mindfulness-based
    daily routine and journal


With weekly video-call and

an additional budget of 3h
of support on video call
to use even after the project is completed!



Estimated time to deliver the whole project: 9 weeks.


Pay in full: 1800 € (save 200 €)
Spread out your investment: 4 monthly payment of 500 €


You are already the expert of your brand, with this, you will have also the knowledge to draw your most conscious-aligned message out.

You will have more clarity and you will feel confident,
this will bring you clients that resonate with your brand and mission.

That's Amazing!

a cohesive visual identity

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