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Spazio Kalika

Services provided:
Brand Design • Logo with variations

Connection with Nature
Energy ascending
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Fabrizia Luciani  •  Spazio

We started from our idea that she translated into lines in a short time following her intuition, and in the result much more appeared than what we had planned, absolutely consistent with the message we wanted to give.

In this logo, there is everything: the verticality in the two directions of the arboreal kingdom; the spiral transformation that belongs to the 'below', the 'inside', the dark, the invisible; the tension towards the sky that expands beyond the level of the heart; the subtle energy that runs through the body like a snake; the human who cannot forget that he belongs to Nature.

What I saw is a person who appears from behind a mirror, a sign of an incarnation, a sign of the conscious physical appearance on this Earth.

For those wishing to create a logo for their holistic activity, I cannot recommend better graphics. Thanks, Patty for what you did.

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