Wellness Graphic Kit

semi-custom logo and brand kit for Instagram ready on Canva

The Wellness Graphic Kit  "AURA",

it's a semi-custom "brand bundle",

inspired by the world of holistic wellbeing,

and wellness in general. Some elements

and touches have the shades of the rainbow

to recall the colours attributed to the Chakras,

featuring a neutral palette with indigo tones.

Perfect for every wellness professional:

yoga master and school; life coaches, 

holistic therapist;also esthetician
and beauty saloons; thermae and spa...

Joy, Harmony, and Nature.

• Main Logo (with tag line or slogan, if requestted)

• Alternative Logo

  >> You will have every logo

  coloured, white and black

 >> everyone in jpeg, png and eps format

• Colour Palette

   (RGB and HEX code to use on Canva and online)

• Font, free to use (link to downloaded it)

• 20 template Posts on Canva

• 4 template Stories on Canva

• 4 Brand Bible, with all the directions

3 session of 90minutes each,

   live online, to learn how to use

  Canva and to clear every doubt

  on how to use your

  new logos and brand graphic kit


and as BONUS:

  • Business Card

  • Facebook Page Cover

Let's add your name on it!!!





Do you like everything, but already have a logo or a different primary color? This ain't a problem at all!
Adding 90€ we will adapt

the Wellness Graphic Kit to your needs.

Do you want more info about it?
Want to have it right now?
Buy Right Now !!!

Standard Prize : 540€

Limited Special Price: 450€


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